What Vitamins Can Aid to Reduce Outbreaks?

Certain vitamins can aid to lessen the number of herpes outbreak treatment that you could suffer from. Vitamin E has been shown to aid in cutting the length of time in which a herpes outbreak will last.

Thus, a diet that takes in vitamin E-rich foods is healthy for those who suffer from herpes. Vitamin B complex has also been shown to be extremely helpful.

Vitamins Help Build the Immune System as an Alternative Herpes Outbreak Treatment

Vitamins for Herpes
Vitamins for Herpes Outbreak Treatment

Vitamin C aids in boosting the immune system by assisting the white blood cells deal with the herpes virus infection. This is extremely important because having a strong immune system is a huge part of the battle against herpes. Also, Zinc builds the immune system and aids the body to protect against various viral diseases. On the other hand, anything that contains citrus must be avoided during a herpes outbreak.

Vitamin A has been shown to help lessen the number of herpes outbreaks that herpes carriers deal with the disease. It works as vitamin A aids the immune system to combat against viruses that invade the body. Because herpes is a virus, vitamin A can aid to reduce the outbreaks. Nevertheless, Vitamin A isn’t usually recommended as it can accumulate in the body. In large doses, it can be toxic. It’s also been associated with birth defects, so anybody pregnant must avoid this vitamin in huge quantities.

Other Things to Consider in Terms of Herpes and Nutrition

nutrition and herpes

1. Nutrition and diet are vital because particular foods cut your chances of herpes outbreaks, and particular foods boost your chances. Good diet boosts the immune system.

2. A good diet can aid to prevent outbreaks.

3. Exercise is vital as it gets your a better rest during night-time, aids reduce stress, and forms a healthier immune system.

4. Regular exercise aids to prevent herpes outbreaks.

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