The Ultimate Herpes Trivia Post: Facts About Herpes

While herpes is a very common disease, a lot of people are not so familiar with what it is and how it works. A lot of people even don’t know that they have herpes and unknowingly transmit it to others. Thus, in this post, we will highlight important facts about herpes that you can easily understand and remember.

General Facts about Herpes

1. Herpes simplex virus causes the viral infection Herpes.

2. The virus thrives by remaining in the nerve ganglia following first exposure to the virus and activating itself again during particular times in the individual’s life.

3. During a herpes outbreak, the virus affects your dermal cells and an outbreak of lesions happens.

4. Herpes simplex virus belongs to Herpesviridae (a family of viruses) that causes other infections like shingles, mono, and the chicken pox.

5. Dynamclear is a common topical antiseptic herpes treatment.

6. Valtrex is common anti-viral medication.

herpes facts
Facts about herpes: oral herpes usually occurr on the mouth and lips

Genital and Oral Herpes Facts

1. The difference between genital and oral herpes is the location of the infection and the virus type. Herpes Type 1 frequently causes oral herpes, and Herpes Type 2 frequently causes genital herpes, but both herpes types can take place in either area of the body.

2. Signs of oral herpes are fever blisters or cold sores on the mouth.

3. Signs of genital herpes are lesions or sores in the groin, buttocks, and genitals (or surrounding areas).

4. HSV undergoes different stages and can remain dormant within the body for extended periods of time.

Herpes Test Facts

For an antibody test, the blood is drawn. The method used to carry this out is stated below:

• Tie a band around the upper arm to halt the blood flow, making the veins located below the band bigger, so it’s easier to insert a needle into it.

• Clean the needle site using alcohol.

• Insert the needle into the vein. A couple of needle stick may be required.

• Attach a tube to the needle to be filled with blood.

• Remove the band from the arm when sufficient blood is gathered.

• Apply a cotton ball or gauze pad over the site as the needle is taken out.

• Apply pressure to the needle site and a bandage.

herpes test

Test Results

If you’ve been examined for HSV, you are perhaps nervously awaiting the results. The time it takes just to get the results back can differ. For a rapid culture, viral culture results can require two to three days or up to fourteen days with a standard one. Results of antigen detection test are frequently ready in approximately one day. PCR test results are typically ready in one to three days.

Antibody blood test results are frequently available within two days. Again, this can depend on the doctor you visit and the laboratory they utilize so do not be shocked if it takes a tad longer. On the other hand, normally if somebody has HSV, the physician or clinic will attempt to inform you as soon as possible to prevent transmitting the disease.

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