Topical and Prescription Herpes Disease Treatment

Knowing several herpes disease treatments can aid you in preventing herpes outbreaks.

Topical Herpes Disease Treatment

• Dynamiclear is a topical antiseptic treatment that destroys the virus upon contact.

• Amoils are natural healing oils.

• Topical Zovirax doesn’t prevent the sore recurrence but could decrease itching and pain if applied when the initial symptoms appear.

• Aldara cream is utilized to treat external perianal and genital warts and is not like most other treatments.

topical herpes treatments
Herpes disease treatment

Prescription Herpes Treatments

• Generic Valtrex slows the development and transmission of the virus so that the body can combat the infection. It decreases the symptoms of the infections and cuts the length of period that you’re sick.

• Valtrex comes in tablet form. To treat genital herpes, it’s frequently taken two times a day for five days. And for cold sores, it’s frequently taken for only a day.

• Acyclovir is utilized to treat infections of the lip, skin, and genitals; chickenpox and herpes zoster (shingles). It doesn’t cure herpes infections, but lessens itching and pain and promotes healing.

• Famvir is an antiviral prescription medication taken orally. Famvir’s usual dose is one 125-mg pill, two times daily, for five days.

Can I still transmit herpes to others even though I am taking anti-viral medication?

This is a vital question since there are times when people believe that being on treatment means they’re not contagious.

You have to be aware that, you can transmit the virus to other individuals even though you’re on anti-viral medication, particularly if there are open sores occurring.

If you have questions regarding the medications you’re on and whether you can transmit your virus to partners or not, you have to ask your physician for answers.

Just note that the antiviral medication and suppressive therapy doesn’t mean you’re not contagious and still, you can transmit herpes to others.

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