Realistic and Unrealistic Expectations of Herpes and Relationships

Perhaps what people need in herpes and relationships is more time to take in the disclosure of such a delicate information. This situation can really use the aid of written facts and information.

Think about giving them materials to read or setting them on an appointment with a sexual health professional, call the Herpes Helpline, or use the information on this site to confirm the information you’ve provided them.

Whatever the response, attempt to be flexible. Note that it also took you time to adapt.

Negative Reactions are Not as Common in Herpes and Relationships as Most People Think

Negative reactions are frequently just the outcome of misinformation on herpes and relationships.

In some instances, they’re introduced when an individual fears that you are asking them to become committed to a relationship, rather than just telling them about the case.

If your partner chooses not to stay with you just because you’re infected with herpes, it is better to learn now.

It takes more than the infrequent aggravation of the infection to destroy a firm relationship.

HSV relationships2
The stigma in herpes and relationships is the major cause of uncertainty and misunderstandings.

Some folks react negatively regardless of what or how you say it. Other people could focus more on the infection than on the relationship.

These folks are the exception and not the rule.

It isn’t an image of you. You aren’t accountable for their response. If your partner cannot accept the facts, encourage them to talk to a counsellor or medical expert.

Most Couples Get a Positive Reaction from the Disclosure

Most folks will react in a good manner. They’ll admire the trust you establish in sharing a very personal information with them.

With the correct information and approach, herpes can be perceived as an irksome, occasionally recurrent dermal condition – just that.

HSV relationships
Most herpes and relationships work out due to understanding and honesty.

When it comes to the relationship in general, please be informed that you and your partner can have the same degree of sexual activity and intimacy that any couple can.

It’s true that in a close sexual relationship with an individual who is infected with herpes (genital or oral), the risk of getting herpes will not be zero, but while there’s a likelihood of getting herpes, this is a probability for any person who is sexually active.

And the individual could unknowingly already have been exposed to the virus before.

Be Ready to Face the Challenges That May Come in Your Relationship

All relationships encounter challenges, the majority of which is way tougher than herpes.

Great relationships fall and stand on far more vital issues – including respect, trust, and communication.

Whether or not the relationship develops, you have educated somebody with your experience and information, correcting a few of the myths and misconception about herpes that result in so much harm.

You have taken the blanket of silence that makes it hard for other people to speak. You have tackled a personal matter in life with consideration and courage.

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