Practical Herpes Cure at Home

Herpes is a viral infection, and it can transmit the virus even when there are no visible symptoms or sores. Herpes can be treated with natural remedies and herpes cure at home and some prescribed medications.

First Diagnose with the Following Symptoms:

• Small blisters that are painful and scab over and takes a few weeks to heal.
• It occurs mostly in your genital area, on your lips and surrounds the mouth, sexual organs on your buttocks, etc.
• It appears like red, raw or caking skin even in the absence of itching.
• Flu-like symptoms, like swollen glands and fever.

Once Diagnosed, Follow These Natural Steps to Herpes Cure

Soaking Up the Affected Area with Warm Water:


• Soak in warm water to alleviate pain and itching.
• Gently clean blisters with warm water ant soap. It can help to speed up the healing process.
• Remember to keep the area dry with hair dryer or towel after cleaning.

Using Herb Prunella Vulgaris and The Mushroom Rozites caperata:


• Rozites caperata and Prunella Vulgaris both have the natural components for fighting herpes.
• Prunella vulgaris can be utilized in hot water to treat and heal sores.
• Rozites caperata is ingested as a means to treat and heal the sores.

Using Aloe Vera Cream as Treatment:


• Aloe vera is used to heal herpes, especially those of men.
• Apply aloe vera cream to the affected area, and thoroughly dry to help speed up the healing process.

Those are some of the practical herpes cure at home. You can find more herpes cure on this site. So stay tuned.

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