Why Do Some People Have Regular Herpes Outbreaks While Others Have Little Or None?

This is a widespread question because herpes outbreaks affect various people in various ways. Most individuals who have their initial herpes outbreak can expect to have quite a few recurrences over the initial year. Typically, infected individuals have approximately four within the initial year of getting the virus and they tend to decrease in incidence for most of them afterward.

Severity of Herpes Outbreaks Vary

Again, it depends upon the situation, and the severity of these outbreaks vary. Some individuals will experience mild symptoms that they mistake it for an insect bite or a related medical condition. Individuals with weak immune systems will have severe symptoms and frequent outbreaks. The same can occur when an infected individual experiences a time of increased stress and/or lower immune (like when they go through another illness).

Despite how frequent and how severe your outbreaks are, individuals who find out that they have it usually suffer from mental distress too. There are a complete slew of emotional problems to having a sexually transmitted disease, especially one where there’s no cure, such as genital herpes.

Herpes Outbreaks

For some individuals, genital herpes can be extremely painful. But for most of them, it’s at least inconvenient and uncomfortable. Some people will get loads of sores, which swell and erupt as they undergo stages and are extremely painful to touch.

If the sores are located around the urethra, it can be excruciating when urine comes in contact with them. Herpes lesions on the buttocks skin can be very excruciating when sitting too. Wearing clean, comfortable, and breathable underwear can aid in easing some of the distress of an outbreak until it is passed.

Treatment is Encouraged Upon the Occurence of Outbreaks

When a herpes outbreak occurs, it’s often suggested to treat it instantly with a topical antiseptic or treatment that destroys the virus and will considerably shorten the period of  the outbreak.

Another thing that you have to remember as you’re reading the symptoms and signs is that herpes doesn’t affect everybody the same way. Also, it doesn’t impact you similarly every time.

While your sores or lesions will usually appear in the same area every time a herpes outbreak or recurrence takes places while other symptoms could be different. For instance, you may not constantly have headaches, itching, or burning before or throughout an outbreak.

herpes treatment

Different instances in your life, and your health in general, can affect it as well. For instance, you could have more severe symptoms or severe outbreak when facing difficult or stressful times. Therefore, it’s important to know that the herpes symptoms are not constantly the same or similar for different individuals.

Important Trivia About Herpes:

1. Herpes simplex virus causes the viral infection Herpes.

2. The virus thrives by remaining in the nerve ganglia following first exposure to the virus and activating itself again during particular times in the individual’s life.

3. During a herpes outbreak, the virus affects your dermal cells and an outbreak of lesions happens.

4. Herpes simplex virus belongs to Herpesviridae (a family of viruses) that causes other infections like shingles, mono, and the chicken pox.

5. Dynamclear is a common topical antiseptic herpes treatment.

6. Valtrex is common anti-viral medication.

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