A Partner’s Reaction Knowing You Have Sexual Herpes

A few could overreact if you tell them that you have sexual herpes. Some will not even bat an eye. Because a lot of people have heard about genital herpes or have it even, many folks will not be surprised or shocked. Try to be open whatever happens. Give your partner the time to reply, consider what you have disclosed and absorb the information. Remember the time you first discovered about it? It took time to sink in as well.

Honesty is the Best Policy

You do not need to be too concerned about protecting the feelings of your partner. You may also like to reconsider your relationship where you need to do the emotional work. A discussion on safer sex could aid you to find out if your partner is an excellent candidate for your attention and love. When it comes to these matters, honestly is always the best policy.

herpes and relationships

A few individuals are going to respond negatively. It will not matter how you say it or what exactly you say. Bear in mind, these individuals are the exception rather than the rule. If your partner chooses not to pursue being with you because you have a sexually transmitted infection, it is ideal to know this today. There are loads of people who will love you for who you are – with herpes or without.

The majority of folks react well. They value your maturity, honesty and approach in addressing a vital health concern. Note to put the infection into perspective: it’s an annoying, recurring skin condition that’s manageable and treatable – that’s it.

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