Genitale Herpes: What to Do if Your Partner Has It

A partner who’s inflicted with genital herpes needs acceptance and support. It took a great deal of nerve for your partner to disclose this information to you, and it signifies that he or she strongly cares about your health and regards your trust. The popular saying, “No good deed goes unpunished,” is frequently a cruel fact. But do not allow it to be that way in your relationship.

Certainly, your concerns and feelings matter as well. If you are distressed with the thought of having sex with your partner or becoming intimate, you have the right to feel and think that way.

But rather than declaring your relationship’s sexual part unacceptable, think of methods you can be sexually intimate without having to risk infection. You can cut the risk transmitting the infection via sexual intercourse by utilizing condoms and not having sex when symptoms occur. There will constantly be risks, even though you practice safe sex, yet you can reduce it to some extent.

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Learn About Genital Herpes

Get informed about the STD. You’ll see that it isn’t as severe as it may appear and that people can have delightful, sexually satisfying relationships, even though one partner has herpes.

At times, individuals in long-term relationships speculate that their partner could be cheating when they are diagnosed. That is not necessarily correct – your partner could’ve been infected several years or even decades before the two met.

Also, think about the likelihood that you passed on herpes to your partner. Millions of individuals who have genital herpes are not aware that they are infected. As a matter of fact, health professionals guess that 90% of infected individuals in the U.S. do not know it.

A herpes infection does not always cause apparent sores on the genital area. In numerous instances, it causes no perceptible symptoms of any kind. Health care experts say that partners of individuals with herpes ought to be examined, as that’s the only method to know for certain whether or not they’re infected.

Getting the Facts

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If an issue is emotionally charged, then it is more important to know about the facts. Most folks know little or even no information about herpes. Often, what information they have is stained by erroneous belief and myth. Having the exact knowledge about herpes will make it easier for you and your partner.

Following several of the basic info about herpes could be vital points to inform a partner:

  • There’s loads of information about genital herpes. Have enlightening materials available for your partner to study. Be ready to answer their queries.
  • Herpes simplex virus causes a skin condition known as whitlows (on fingers), cold sores (on face), or “herpes” on the genital or other areas.
  • Most individuals who have herpes are not aware they have got it. The lack of symptoms doesn’t mean an individual is not infected.
  • Herpes simplex virus most frequently shows up as tiny sores or blisters on the mouth (fever blisters or cold sore) or the genital area.

Be Conscious of Herpes genitalis in your Romantic Life

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