Is Not Having Sex a Sure Way of Preventing Herpes Simplex Transmission?

The only means to be undoubtedly certain that you are not transmitting the herpes virus is not to have sex. On the other hand, you can aid to prevent the herpes simplex transmission of the virus by following the doctor’s advice and using all precautions available. This includes the utilization of condoms each time you have sexual intercourse to aid in protecting your partner.

Also, you should tell your partner of the risks they’re taking by being sexually intimate in that manner.

What is being carried out to find a vaccine or cure for herpes?

Herpes Vaccine
There are newly researched vaccines that can prevent herpes simplex transmission

Just recently, scientist discovered a vaccine for chickenpox (herpes zoster virus), meaning that a vaccine for other herpes types could be coming. Research and studies are being conducted each day to aid to find a vaccine and cure for this disease. There are numerous vaccines that are now in various phases of development. One vaccine includes analyzing of the herpes virus’ DNA makeup itself.

Others include making a vaccine by utilizing the enzymes and protein that the virus requires to thrive in your body. Since it’s known that various amino acids intensify outbreaks, studies are also being conducted using these to create a vaccine. It’s possible that perhaps soon, we could witness a vaccine for herpes but until then, folks have to educate themselves as much as possible, pursue treatment and do their very best to prevent transmitting the virus to other people.

Other Important Herpes Facts You Need to Be Aware Of:

Herpes Facts you need to be aware of.
Herpes Facts you need to be aware of.

1. There isn’t a cure for herpes.

2. There are various treatment and prevention ways for herpes.

3. There isn’t a vaccine for herpes.

4. Current herpes treatments include suppressive therapies and treatment medications to aid lessen and put away existing outbreaks.

5. Prevention is the best precaution for treating herpes.

6. Even with treatment, it’s still possible to transmit herpes to other people.

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