Natural Treatment for Herpes: Herbs for a Strong and Healthy Immune System

Is there any herb that you can take to boost the immune system and serve as natural treatment for herpes?

This question is common. You could be glad to know that some herbs are available that can aid in boosting the immune system and it’s typically easy to include them in your diet, especially if you take supplements with them.

For immune responses, the most popular herbs are Astragalus, Goldenseal, and Echinacea.

Astragalus. This Chinese herb is frequently considered as the equivalent of Asia to America’s Echinacea.

Research shows it has particular potent anti-viral properties as well as WBC fighting properties.

Goldenseal. Goldenseal has been shown to be extremely effective against parasites as well as for mouth ulcers and in enticing the immune system.

It allegedly increases the supply of blood to different digestive parts.

Echinacea. Echinacea boosts the levels of properdin, a chemical in the body, which initiates part of your immune system in charge for enhancing the defense mechanisms against viruses and bacteria.

Herbs can also help prevent herpes outbreaks.
Herbs can also serve as natural treatment for herpes by preventing herpes outbreaks.

Get moving!

We’ve talked about it before that exercise can aid in boosting the immune system, especially when done with the right steps.

Exercise gets the circulation going, getting that blood flowing through the body and keeps the system healthy.

Any kind of movement is still better than not doing anything. Therefore, do your best to exercise each day.

Also, it is very important to drink loads of water. With these things combined, the immune system will be functioning at its best performance, and you’ll see fewer severe outbreaks of herpes.

Air Purifiers

Another alternative if you’re looking to boost the immune system as well as keep it functioning great is to pay for an air purifier or ionizer.

Research have revealed that these apparatuses keep the air you inhale free of dangerous bacteria and allergens.

Keeping one for you can aid to keep the immune system working well, which will, in turn, aid to your general health and lessen herpes outbreaks.

An ionizer alone won’t inhibit herpes outbreaks, but when used with regular exercise, a healthy diet, and complete body health plan, you can reduce outbreaks and improve your immune system.

Additional Facts on Natural Treatment for Herpes:

Immune system
A strong immune system is the best natural treatment for herpes.

• The immune system aids your body to combat disease and viruses just like HSV.
• Your herpes virus affects the immune system which in turn affects herpes virus and what it does to the body.
• Certain herbs and vitamins can help form a strong immune system.
• Reducing stress and regular exercise help form a strong immune system as well.

Bonus Trivia

Will it make the symptoms worse if I have genital herpes and have sex with another person who already has genital herpes as well?

You can’t be “double infected” with the same virus. If you’ve already been diagnosed with the infection, you’ll have it for the rest of your life. And the same principle goes for your sex partner.

So, if both of you have herpes, there are no risks of one spreading the virus to the other or the symptoms worsening because of it.

Nevertheless, it’s still advised to utilize protection or abstain during an outbreak to keep transmitting the infection to other body parts.

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