Natural Herpes Treatment: Great Nutrition Can Rebuild Your Life if You Have Herpes

One thing that you have to know about herpes nutrition is that there aren’t any certain good foods that you must eat or bad foods that you shouldn’t that can affect your infection. Rather, you have to look at various minerals and vitamins that are in every food and at your complete diet for a natural herpes treatment.

It is all about selecting the proper foods, avoiding excessive sweets and sugar and other items that are not good for you and together with your healthy diet and a great exercise strategy to attain your nutrition and total body fitness goals. Note that it’s about a complete lifestyle and body transformation, not about magic food that makes everything better.

Helpful Amino Acids

Are you aware that there are a few amino acids found in particular foods that can be extremely helpful to individuals with herpes? Are you also aware that there are particular ones that must be avoided because they can make the outbreaks worse? When you know this, what they are, and what foods they’re found in, then you can change your diet accordingly, and you’ll notice a huge difference in the outbreaks, along with how you feel.

Foods rich in amino acids.
Foods rich in amino acids for a natural herpes treatment.

Two major amino acids are acknowledged to affect the herpes virus directly. They’re called arginine and lysine and are found in foods naturally. This is how nutrition can affect the herpes virus directly. Lysine is an excellent amino acid that aids your body in combatting the herpes virus while arginine is an amino acid that can intensify your outbreaks.

The herpes virus will substantially diminish an individual’s immune system. It is a double-edged sword as a weaker immune system makes one susceptible to more outbreaks. Thus, getting a balanced diet along with the good nutrition can counter attack the virus by aiding to boost your immune system.

Particular foods that contain arginine can lead to stress on the immune system which aid in intensifying the number of herpes outbreaks you undergo. Also, they can make the outbreaks more severe. We’ll discuss the immune system later, but it’s very vital that you keep it strong and healthy so that the body can fight the virus when it attempts to show itself. However, other foods can boost the immune system which in exchange will aid to cut the number of herpes outbreaks.

What’s a healthy diet for somebody with herpes virus?

Foods rich in arganine and lysine
Foods rich in arganine and lysine

Now that we’ve discussed a few of the foods you must avoid, we’ll discuss what a healthy diet for an individual infected with herpes is made of.

The herpes virus needs arginine, an amino acid, to aid it in reproducing itself. This is why staying away from amino acid-rich foods helps to lessen the herpes virus.

The solution to having a nutritious diet when you have herpes is to balance the ratio between arginine and lysine.

That is if you consume arginine-high foods then counter it by consuming lysine-high foods as well. If it’s difficult for you to consume loads of food that’s high in lysine, then you must consider utilizing a supplement that has lysine. For herpes, the standard recommended dose of lysine supplement would be 500 mg.

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