10 Effective Natural Herpes Home Remedies

In this article, I’ll show you 10 effective natural herpes home remedies, which you certainly have at home. These natural herpes home remedies can greatly reduce the duration of the herpes outbreak!

Note: These herpes home remedies can greatly reduce the duration of the herpes outbreak, but can not prevent it.

You want to try 10 home remedies first? No problem, here they are …

# 1: Manuka honey

manuka honey

Honey has been known for thousands of years for its antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Particularly effective in the fight against herpes is the Manuka honey. It contains above-average amounts of methylglyoxal, an active ingredient that produces very good results in herpes.

The manuka honey is extracted from the South Sea myrtle, which is closely related to the Australian tea tree and is found in the mountains of New Zealand.

Like the tea tree oil, the honey was used by the natives for medical purposes, especially to accelerate wound healing and to relieve infections.

In studies, the Manuka honey finished even better than conventional treatments with acyclovir. The honey not only helps preventively, but also causes faster wound healing and is definitely one of the best herpes home remedies.

# 2: Tea tree oil

tea tree oil

The famous oil is extracted from the Australian Tea Tree, whose occurrence in the east of the Australian continent was first documented in 1770 by James Cook and his followers.

It quickly became apparent that the leaves were not only suitable for the production of tea, but also for the treatment of skin diseases.

Its disinfecting and antibacterial effect confirm this today.

The oil is particularly suitable in the early stages of the outbreak and may even prevent cold sores from occurring at all.

This requires a quick reaction as soon as you feel the first tingling sensation on the lip. Tea tree oil is best spotted on the affected area with a cotton swab to prevent smear infections.

To achieve maximum effect, you can repeat this process every hour and, with a bit of luck, prevent a painful next week.

# 3: Ice cubes

ice cube

Ice cubes are a good herpes home remedy, especially in the early stages of the outbreak.

They have a temporary preventative effect and make it more difficult for viruses to multiply.

This is because they feel comfortable in a warm environment.

For this reason, many foods are also placed in the refrigerator, because bacteria can expand there worse and the food is longer lasting.

Wrap an ice cube in a kitchen towel and press on the affected area for thirty seconds. But beware: once the cold sores have formed, ice cubes are rather counterproductive and can aggravate the situation. So use it only in its initial stages and change the cloth after each use.

# 4: Lemon balm

lemon balm herpes home remedy
lemon balm

As one of the fewest funds that have a positive, scientifically proven effect on herpes outbreaks, lemon balm gets far too little attention.

After the millennium, German researchers succeeded in proving the effectiveness of lemon balm.

Within a few hours after application, the balm oil achieves a visible effect and significantly reduces swelling and redness.

The oil causes the herpes simplex virus can not nest in the cells to multiply there.

In the optimal case, well over 90% of the cells can be prevented from entering the virus and thus prevent a visible infection. The oil should be used here again with a cotton swab and not with bare hands.

# 5: Alcohol

pure alcohol herpes home remedy

High-percentage alcohol has, in addition to a disinfecting effect, which especially older people still remember well, also a cooling effect.

This is caused by the evaporation of the alcohol, which removes heat from the skin during this process.

As a result, the itching and tingling are relieved and the affected area is disinfected.

It is best to add a little bit of high-percentage alcohol to a cotton swab and dab off the affected area.

If necessary, this process can be repeated several times a day.

# 6: Black tea bags

Considered one of the most effective and best herpes home remedies and is particularly so popular, since almost everyone has black tea at home.

Due to the high concentration of tannin, which has antiviral and disinfecting effects, the extent of the affected area can be severely limited.

The tea bag should be boiled in water before use and then cooled for a few minutes.

Then simply push the tea bag for a few minutes on the affected areas.

# 7: Garlic

garlic herpes remedy

The clove of garlic is used in many treatments of various diseases.

The white tuber has an antiviral and antibacterial effect. Whether she also helps with herpes, could not be scientifically proven.

However, many people swear by garlic and claim to get rid of their cold sores fairly quickly by pressing a sliced ​​clove of garlic into the affected area in the early stages of the outbreak.

Again, as with ice cubes: Apply only as long as no bubbles are visible.

The toe may then burst the cold sore and spread the infectious fluid all over the lip.

# 8: Aloe vera

aloe vera herpes remedy

The plant’s juice, which originated in the subtropics of the Arabian Peninsula, has definitely become a miracle cure for any type of skin disease over the last decade.

Aloe vera gel can also be spotted on areas affected by herpes and shortens the healing time.

When buying a gel, it should be noted that the aloe concentration should be as high as possible to ensure that the desired effect can be achieved.

# 9: Toothpaste

toothpaste against herpes

Older people today advise you to dab a bit of toothpaste on the affected area in case of cold sores in order to suppress the annoying viruses.

Toothpaste used to be one of the most popular and best-known herpes home remedies.

However, the opinion has changed greatly over time.

The effect of toothpaste is quite simple: it covers the area airtight and dries out the skin. Toothpastes therefore have no real medical effect against cold sores, usually even aggravating the onset.

However, if the toothpaste contains zinc, it will relieve the inflammation and make it harder for the bacteria to multiply. From toothpaste to the treatment of herpes can therefore be discouraged.

# 10: Baking soda

baking powder against lip herpes

Baking soda is also a widely used herpes home remedy, which mainly restricts tingling and itching.

In addition to salt solutions, which, like many other herpes home remedies, have an antiviral and antibacterial effect, essential oils, such as calendula oil, also enjoy the status of a herpes home remedy.

In Ireland, one swears by red sea algae, which amplifies the response of the immune system to a reactivation of the virus and thus greatly inhibits its multiplication.

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