What to Do If Your Partner Has Herpes? Prevention Explained

Genital herpes infection can be spread through direct skin-to-skin contact with an active sore or blister, usually via sexual contact.

Also, it can be spread when there aren’t any symptoms present.

HSV-2 infection is typically transmitted during sex.

partner with herpes

Herpes is typically spread by mouth-to-genital contact

If your partner has just been diagnosed with genital herpes, this doesn’t necessarily signify that they have been lying to you, or sexually promiscuous before.

Your partner could’ve caught the infection from you. It’s likely that the virus remains dormant in you without your knowledge that you have it because approximately 80% of HSV-2 manifest either no signs or symptoms or such minor symptoms they’re unaware they are infected with the virus.

So it’s easy for you to have unknowingly spread the virus to your partner. The infection’s symptoms vary greatly between people – it could be completely unnoticeable in you, yet cause serious blistering in your partner.

genital herpes infection

Genital herpes infection can be tricky. Because the herpes virus can be passed on through oral sex and vaginal sex, it’s also likely that your partner got it from a cold sore on your face or mouth.

Bear in mind that it’s possible you can transmit the virus even though you didn’t show a cold sore at the moment of contact.

Alternatively, your partner could’ve gotten the virus from a past sexual partner, maybe even a few years ago. The virus can stay inactive in the body for extended periods of time, and this could be the first time it has manifested any symptoms.

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