Lysine Inactivates Herpes in the Body: Herpes Medication

Our body has essential amino acids that are absorbed into our cells and affects herpes medication. One of those amino acids is called “organen.” Now organen is the bad guy. The bad guy is competing all the time for cell absorption. When it rings the bell, it allows the herpes virus to become active in your body.

Which Foods to Avoid

The food that contains high amounts of organen like chocolate, peanut, and other nuts, whole grains, bread, cereals, which women eat most of the time, and probably the men too can make you more susceptible to herpes. If you are susceptible to herpes, and you eat those foods, you’re going to have an outbreak more often because organen is always going to be in yourself.

Which Foods to Take

Take Lysine to block herpes
Take Lysine to block herpes

There is a simple supplement which is also an essential amino acid in your body that blocks organen from cells. They are being absorbed by cells when they are present. The organen cannot be absorbed into the cells, and this essential amino acid is called “lysine”.

When lysine is present, it blocks organen from being absorbed into the cells, and you will break out with herpes less frequently. Foods that are high in lysine include pork, cheese, milk, and eggs. You should eat foods that are high in lysine and stay away from foods that are high in organic if you want to prevent the herpes virus in your body.

The other great thing about foods with lysine is that it is very inexpensive to buy. If you’ve had, have esteem bar virus, which causes mononucleosis and chickenpox, and all the members of the HSV family, you can start taking lysine every day. Because when lysine is present, it will block out all members of the HSV family.

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