Why A Lot of People Get Herpes

Are you one of the millions and millions of people who have herpes type 1? Did you experience having cold sores many times in your life?

If you are, then you know they are painful and incurable. But do you know why a lot of people get herpes?

Herpes Facts

First of all, it is cost by a virus that’s spread by contact, and it’s a very common virus. Nearly 2/3 of the of everyone on this planet has had one of two strings that usually causes painful and irritating sores on their lips and genitals.

Herpes Review

Some estimates say as many as 90% of adults have some type of herpes. There are 8 different strains of the virus and some people are familiar and infected with type 1 and type 2.

There are other types of herpes as well – types that cause chicken pox or other less known diseases. And this is where the good news and bad news part of the story comes in.

The Bad News

The bad news is that you can still spread the virus even if you’re not showing some symptoms.

A study published in GEMA shows that 20% of people with symptoms were shedding the virus. And even 10% of those without symptoms shed the virus as well.

But there might be a good side to herpes. One study published in the Journal of Nature found it offer protection from various diseases in mice. But as we’ve seen, this virus is sneaky.

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