Living With Herpes: Other Questions About Herpes Answered

To understand the herpes types fully, you have to answer some important questions about living with herpes. There are numerous questions that people have about this virus and how it impacts the body. Below are a few more common questions about herpes you could be wondering about.

Can living with herpes cause headaches?

In fact, yes, it can. There’s such a thing such as a herpes headache and it’s pretty common in an active genital herpes outbreak. You could get a headache with the first herpes occurrence and a few people (though occasional) get meningitis with the first occurrence of herpes. After that, you could get headaches together with the latent phase of the herpes outbreaks. The headaches tell many folks that an outbreak is coming.


Can herpes make me impotent or sterile?

This is another equally common question for good reason since there are a few STDs that can, in fact, make you sterile. While there are numerous STDs out there that can make a person sterile, like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, Herpes isn’t known for causing individuals to be sterile. Frequently, individuals with herpes could have another STD. In some instances, herpes is confused as another kind of STD. Therefore if you think that you may have herpes, it’s best to obtain the right diagnosis.

If I had chicken pox before or had a vaccine for it, am I insusceptible to herpes?

While chicken pox belongs to the same virus family (HSV-1 and HSV-2), it isn’t the same virus and so, having one doesn’t make you insusceptible to the other.

It is probable to have had chickenpox as a kid in which the virus can remain latent in the system and cause shingles later and still be infected with either or both types of herpes simplex virus.

Just like it’s also possible for an individual to have both types of herpes virus simultaneously. You could have caught type one, have cold sores as a child, and you shared a spoon or glass with somebody in your family, and then contracted type two later from your sexual partner.

chilling in bed
living with herpes doesn’t mean you can’t have down-time with loved ones.

Can having sex frequently with the individual who gave me herpes make the symptoms worse?

Once you get the herpes virus, it’s in the system forever until you die. The number of outbreaks you get and your recurrences’ severity depends on your body, your immune system as well as how you respond to the virus.

Having frequent intercourse with the individual who initially spread the virus to you isn’t going to make herpes more severe. On the other hand, coming in contact with open blisters or sores of the other individual can cause the sores to be found in new areas you did not see before, so it’s best to practice abstinence or use protection during an outbreak.

On the other hand, you cannot get more herpes and more severe infection from frequent sexual contact with an individual who is living with herpes. So if both of you have it already, there isn’t much else to be anxious about anymore.


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