Living with Herpes: How Does Your Immune System Function?

Living with herpes, you must now have a basic understanding what your immune system is, then you have to know more about how it functions so you can know how it aids you in fighting herpes.

Blood cells

The human immune system is composed of typically white blood cells (WBCs). On the other hand, there are several types of WBCs as well.

Lymphocytes are commonly found in the immune system. The two key classes of lymphocytes are B cells and T cells.

The T cells aid in destroying infected cells within the body and keep the immune response always on target for antigens and healthy enough to fight them. B cells generate the antibodies that stay in the system after combating a disease.

A few other blood cell types are the neutrophils and macrophages. These blood cells aid in circulating the blood and searching it for foreign matters. If they find a foreign antigen like bacteria, then they would wipe it out.

blood cells
Living with herpes: the blood cells of the immune system.

Also, you have Co-Stimulatory molecules and MHC in the immune system. These are a functioning part of the body’s defense against disease and foreign antigens.

These molecules function by attaching to the virus and communicating with the T cells in helping them combat the virus. These cells are crucial to the immune system’s response to a well-timed counter-attack to the invading antigen or virus.

For the immune system to function most effectively and properly, all the components and parts have to be working completely so that the entire system will work at its ultimate best.

When the entire system is working properly, the body can better fight against foreign invaders that could be attacking it just like the herpes virus.

Because the herpes virus does not ever go away, but just remains there in the nerves, you cannot destroy it entirely and be cured.

On the other hand, a strong immune system can aid to prevent recurrences once the virus gets activated within the body again.

Once this activation occurs, the healthy immune system will begin to combat it and make it inactive again, so you don’t get a herpes outbreak. If you do, then it can aid to reduce the severity and time of your outbreaks.

immune system
Living with herpes would require a healthy immune system.

Living with Herpes and Building A Healthy Immune System

So what determines the strength and health of the immune system? Well, actually a few parts of it can’t be controlled.

Genetics have something to do into how well the immune system functions. Some folks are born with more capability to combat infection and disease than others.

Genes can affect how the body produces particular cells in your immune system as well as how your body responds and reacts to antigens and viruses.

However, genes aren’t the mere factors involved. There are certain things that you can carry out to help form and maintain a healthier and stronger immune system which is vital for anybody with herpes.

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