How Do You Get Herpes?

A lot of people don’t like talking about the topic “how do you get herpes”. Herpes right now affects over 80 million people in the United States alone. That number is probably higher by now.

The Herpes virus is made up of a hundred different viruses. HSV is a family of viruses any of which can cause diseases in humans. Some of the most common HSV viruses that we know and hear about a lot are Oral Herpes, Genital Herpes, Finger Blisters, Shingles, and Chickenpox. The HSV virus causes all these.

Herpes Can Infect Anybody

how do you get herpes

Herpes does not discriminate on who it infects. Many people talk about a tingling or burning sensation right before they break out with fever blisters. The finger blisters are these symptoms of the virus being active or alive in your body. Your body can carry the virus around if you ever had chickenpox.

You are susceptible to catching herpes or any viruses in the herpes family just because you have chickenpox. That stays dormant in your body until it is activated and becomes active.

The Most Dangerous Time to Get Infected with Herpes

Right before you get the burning and tingling sensation, it is the most dangerous time to infect somebody else with the virus. That’s when the virus is shedding. So let’s say you’ve had have finger blisters before, you may be making out with your boyfriend and not realizing that you are getting ready to have an outbreak.

And even though you have not felt any tingling, you are shedding that virus and your boyfriend can pick it up just because he kissed you right before you broke out.

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