Herpes Viruses: How Does the Virus Work?

Before hoping to grasp how to live free of herpes viruses, you have to know how the herpes virus works and what it’s doing within your body. You have to know what occurs when the virus is passed on to you and what occurs every time during a recurrence or outbreak. This will aid you to know better how particular treatments work as well as how things such as your exercise and diet can help lessen the outbreaks or recurrence if you have herpes.

A Virus Causes Herpes

Now that you’re aware that a virus causes herpes, do you know how herpes works within your body? Do you know the reason there isn’t a cure for herpes? Herpes is a misunderstood virus known to impact human lives and one of the most common as well.

Herpes simplex virus belongs to the same virus family that causes shingles, mononucleosis, and chickenpox. Viruses do not have cures (consider the common cold), but treatments are available to aid with the symptoms. But, once you’re infected herpes, it’ll remain with you persistently (unless someone discovers a cure in your lifetime).

herpes viruses

In many instances, herpes does not cause any symptoms, therefore it is possible for an individual to carry it and transmit it unknowingly to somebody else. In other instances, herpes infections can result in infections in other body parts.

Herpes has no cure. In fact, once you’ve been infected with herpes, it remains in your body for the rest of your life. There are treatments that can decrease some of the distress that outbreaks trigger and medications to aid to prevent these outbreaks from happening. And there are things you could do to aid to protect yourself from getting contracting the virus. The best method to deal with this is to educate yourself as much as possible.

At times individuals who have genital or oral herpes only have a single outbreak. You could have a herpes outbreak when you initially contracted herpes, or you may not. In a few instances, the outbreak’s extent is so mild that you may not identify it for what it really is. Other individuals have numerous outbreaks, which are shorter and less painful than the first episode.

herpes stages

To grasp this, you have to know that herpes can exist in 2 different stages:

1. The active stage – lesions are appearing on the skin
2. The latent stage – the virus is remaining dormant within the nervous system

From a latent stage, the virus can become active and trigger off a reoccurrence. There are numerous causes for this as well as different things that could contribute to or cause a reoccurrence. Moreover, every individual’s body can react differently to herpes, which is why some folks have more herpes outbreaks than others.

Herpes Virus Facts

Growth Cycle of Herpes Viruses