Herpes or Virus Herpes Facts

There’s a whole library about Herpes out there and you don’t have the time to read even just one book. But you don’t have to go through that hassle because you will find common virus herpes facts in this post:

1. The majority of people have HSV: Seventy percent have cold sores (facial herpes) and in the UK, ten percent have genital herpes. The statistics are even higher in the Unites States and other developing countries.

2. Seventy-five of people are not aware they have it: one in four will have no symptoms; two in four will have mild symptoms only and are not likely to be diagnosed; one in four will have more evident symptoms and be diagnosed.

3. Herpes simplex is rarely of any medical relevance. Some individuals are quite ill once they catch it, but so are a few individuals who catch the flu.

Herpes Simplex

4. It isn’t incurable. Your immune system handles it very well and halts recurrences for the majority of people.

5. There are excellent treatment procedures for the unlucky few. Improved lifestyle management and herbal treatments are extremely effective; over-the-counter medications are available as well.

6. It is not the only infection that remains with us as soon as we catch it. Glandular fever and chickenpox also stay within the body, but nobody complains about them.

HSV virus, HSV 1 (cold sores) and HSV 2 (genital herpes), lies dormant. Flare-ups are related to the immune system under-functioning. It can be activated pre-menstrually, as well as by stress, overwork, fatigue, illness and infections, inadequate nutrition – basically when you’re run down. Over-exercise and sunburn can be triggers as well, as can a few foods.

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