How Herpes Sores Tricks The Immune System?

We’ve already briefly discussed in this site the immune system and how forming a healthy and strong immune system can aid you in preventing recurrences of the herpes sores.

However, do you really know how it works as well as what you could do to aid to boost the immune system?

Do You Know The Connection Between The Immune System And The Herpes Virus?

We also talked about how rest, proper diet, and exercise can aid to boost the immune system which in exchange, makes you stronger, healthier and less likely to have recurrences of the herpes virus.

Knowing the immune system doesn’t only aid you to prevent outbreaks, but it will also aid you in understanding the herpes virus and how it reacts within the body.

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What’s The Immune System?

We also mentioned in other sections that a strong and healthy immune system could aid to prevent outbreaks of the virus.

However, do you know what the immune system is and how the virus affects it?

Before understanding the part that the virus plays on the immune system, you have to know what the immune system essentially is and how it functions.

The immune system is an important system in the human body. It functions to protect the body against invaders, for instance, a virus.

It’s a very complex and strong system that has numerous various functions to aid it to keep you healthy.

Let us take some time to discuss this system along with how it functions so that you can learn how to form a stronger and better immune system and how doing so will have an impact on your outbreaks.

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The immune system is an intricate network that patrols the human body and the various cells to be on the lookout for invaders that can make you sick.

The immune system examines the body for antigens and categorizes them as self-antigens (which are normal body parts) or as infectious agents.

To know this completely, you have to know how the immune system functions. To understand how it works, you have to learn how it’s made up.

How Does The Herpes Virus Affect The Immune System?

Herpes affects your immune system as it can deteriorate it and make you more vulnerable to other infections and diseases.

The body is busy attempting to combat the herpes virus and may not be as vigorous at combatting other substances that may come along.

The natural defense of your body, “immune responses,” comes from your immune system. The virus attacks the immune system and the immune system attacks back, and a fight follows between the two.

If the virus wins, then you get a herpes outbreak. At times the immune system will start to fight the outbreak, and it’ll end fast or not get too severe. But if the immune system is adequately strong, you can stop the herpes outbreak before it even takes place.

Anybody with herpes is aware that it is best to prevent the outbreak from occurring and keep your infection in control all the time. To do this, the immune system needs to be up on par.

While you cannot help certain genetic factors from occuring, there are a few things that you can do to build a healthier immune system.

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