When Are Herpes on Lips (Cold Sores) Contagious?

If you saw that herpes on lips that bum you out, then you must be asking when cold sores become contagious?

What are Cold Sores

Oral herpes usually breaks out on the lips
Oral herpes usually breaks out on the lips

Cold sores, which are the same thing as fever blisters, are outbreaks caused by the herpes virus. When they occur on your face, they usually occur around your mouth or on your lips.

It doesn’t matter whether type 1 herpes causes it or type 2 herpes because the behaviour in the outbreaks is the same regardless. While fevers and colds can cause them, they can also be caused by being under a lot of stress or if there’s trauma to the area where they break out; like the dentist pulling on your lips or your mouth, or maybe from just a lot of kissing.

When Cold Sores Become Contagious

The important thing for you to know is that it is contagious from the day before it breaks out, until two days after it is dry and crusted on its way to healing. Telling you that it’s contagious the day before doesn’t help you very much unless you know when it’s breaking out.

Some people, when they break out, get a tingling or a burning within the area where they get their cold sore. So those people know the day before they’re breaking out. But this is very important because skin-to-skin contact spreads this virus.

So from the first moment that you have any inkling that you’re getting a break out, until 2-3 days until it is dry and crusted, make sure you don’t kiss anybody and that no other part of your skin or anybody else’s skin comes into contact with the part of your face which has the breakout.

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