Herpes Home Remedies: Non-Vitamin Mineral Supplements

Non-vitamin mineral supplements could serve as good herpes home remedies because they can help boost immunity too.

Here are a few of them Herpes Home Remedies:

• Alkylglycerol
• Dimethylglycine (DMG)
• Phytonutrients
• CoEnzyme Q10

Eight Great Immune Boosters!

Like mentioned before, boosting the immune system is an incredible defense against herpes. Feeding the immune system with immune boosters is just like fuelling soldiers for combat. Your cells will be healthier and stronger and more prepared to beat the virus if it becomes a problem. With immune boosters, they can help intensify the number of WBCs in the immune system, prepare them to be better at combatting viruses, and aid the cells to work together and properly. Also, immune boosters will help the system get rid of any substances that drag down the body, causing it to function improperly.

Non-vitamin supplements
Non-vitamin supplements as herpes home remedies

Below are eight immune boosters that each herpes patient must know about.

1. Vitamin C is rated first in this list of immune boosters for numerous reasons. It intensifies the production of WBCs and antibodies which fight infection and boosts levels of interferon, an antibody that covers cell surfaces, inhibiting the viruses’ entry. You do not need a lot of Vitamin C to have an effect. Research shows that 200 mg daily is efficient.

2. Vitamin E incites the natural killer cells’ production. These cells seek out viruses, and cancer cells kill and germs. Vitamin E boosts the production of B cells, which are immune cells that generate antibodies that kill bacteria. Vitamin E supplement could also reverse a few of the drop in immune response normally caused by aging. You will require 100-400 milligrams daily, depending on your lifestyle to boost the immune system properly.

3. Beta-carotene intensifies the number of helper T-cells, natural killer cells, and infection-fighting cells, and serves as a good antioxidant. Also, it has been shown that beta-carotene supplements can boost the natural killer cells and T cell lymphocytes production, and can improve the natural killer cells’ ability to fight cancer cells.

4. Bioflavonoids help the immune system by protecting the body cells against environmental pollutants. They defend the cell membrane against the pollutants attempting to attach to it.

5. Zinc increases the white blood cells production that combat infection and aids them to fight more aggressively. Zinc boosts the number of T-cells, particularly in elderly folks who are frequently zinc deficient, and whose immune system frequently weakens along with age.

6. Garlic is a good immune booster that incites the reproduction of white cells, increases natural killer’s cell activity, and boosts the antibody production efficiency.

7. Selenium intensifies natural killer cells as well as activates cancer-fighting cells. Best sources of selenium are red snapper, tuna, lobster, whole grains, shrimp, sunflower seeds, vegetables, etc.

8. Omega-3 fatty acids in fatty fish (such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel) and flax oil function as immune boosters through increasing the phagocyte activity, the WBC that consume bacteria.

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