Herpes Facts: What Are Herpes Viruses?

What comes to your mind once you hear the word “herpes” or “herpes viruses”? What images pop into your mind? What reactions does it provoke within you? What are you aware of about this infection? Do you have or think you have it? What about somebody close to you? Before you attempt to answer these questions, you have to know what herpes simplex virus is.

The Odds of Getting The Herpes Virus is Very High

Odds are you’ve probably encountered the term herpes before. You could’ve seen commercials for herpes treatments in magazines or on TV, or perhaps you know somebody who is inflicted with it. In fact, the rising media coverage is just part of a worldwide plan to tell more individuals about the virus as well as how it works. Eighty million people in the U.S. alone are thought to have the virus, how much more in other areas of the world?

herpes simplex virus

The Herpes Virus is an Inconspicuous Virus

You could have it yourself and are not even aware of it. Or perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with the infection already, and you’re fighting and struggling a day-to-day combat with the virus. Finding out you have herpes can be shattering; it can be a life-changing incident and loads of people have different opinions about it as well as what they must do. You may not be aware of where to go or what to do. It is hard at times to know where to obtain the answers and solutions to questions like these.

• You think about how this will shake your life as well as what can be done to treat it.

• Perhaps somebody close to you just found out they have herpes, and you’re thinking about how the infection will affect them as well as how it’ll affect you if you’re having a relationship with them.

• You may not even know how many folks out there really have some type of herpes virus.


These are all common concerns and questions for you if you’ve been diagnosed with the infection whether it was recent or years ago. It is vital that you spend enough time to know about the essentials of herpes, how it will affect you, and what can be done about it. Learning more means you can better handle and combat the virus.

Moreover, there are different types of the virus that have various symptoms and can affect various parts of the body. The same herpes virus type can also cause different reactions in different individuals who have it.

Everything You Know About Herpes Information is Wrong

The Lack of Herpes Information Is a Major Problem