Genital Herpes Information: Where Can I Acquire More Info And Advice?

Once you have read this article and talked genital herpes over with your partner, perhaps, you have specific concerns or questions.

Your physician or your partner’s physician must be able to answer these questions or suggest other medical experts who can offer support and genital herpes information.

Return to your counselor or doctor until all your questions regarding genital herpes are answered.

Moreover, Sexual Health Clinics provide free information, private treatment, and management.

In some places, local herpes support groups are available that can be a helpful source of info and support.

Using Oral Antivirals in Managing Herpes

The following section provides you with in-depth info regarding the use of oral antiviral medication.

Aciclovir has been utilized for this indication for many years now and discovered to be very effective in controlling herpes recurrences.

Some folks infected with genital herpes have recognized factors which could influence severity or frequency of recurrences.

Factors like lifestyle, diet, and stress could be worth considering when seeking methods of managing the infection in your life.

Every case is separate; what works for one person could not work for another.


Severe or frequent recurrences of the infection could interfere with normal social activities work and, and cause interruption to somebody’s sex life.

On the other hand, there are methods which you can take to lessen the outbreaks and aid to bring the herpes virus under control.

This section tells you what to do as well as answers a few other queries which you could have about having genital herpes.

Herpes Information: Recurrences

Once you have contracted HSV-2, it stays permanently in the body, residing in the dorsal root ganglion, a part of the nervous tissue found close to the spinal column base.

It extends down the nerve so as to break out on the dermis once in a while. Most of the time, it is not active, but something triggers to activate it again, which results in the symptoms you experience.

At times, the virus can activate again and be shed with no recognizable symptoms. This is called asymptomatic shedding.

It isn’t known just why the virus reactivates. A few people recognise certain trigger factors which cause an outbreak.

These could include friction attributable to sexual intercourse, stress, ill health, fatigue, loss of sleep, depression, menstruation and direct sunlight.

genital herpes recurrences
Genital herpes information is important to manage triggers for herpes recurrences.

As the years go by, many people discover that the severity and number of their recurrences naturally lessen.

There could be a couple of reasons for this, such as lifestyle changes, in the virus itself, in the immune system, or in once ability to manage the trigger factors.

Education and counselling will frequently help a person cope with recurrences.

Folks who make contact with support groups frequently termed this as being a turning point in their management with genital herpes in their lives.

What is “Suppressive Therapy”?

Suppressive therapy takes in taking oral antiviral medication daily for extended periods.

It delays with the reproductive cycle of the virus and so inhibits or dramatically lessens the number of herpes recurrences.

And when recurrences do happen, they’re usually for the short term and less severe.

If you find your outbreaks are frequency unacceptable, or if you’re finding it hard to cope with having genital herpes recurrences, tell your physician and talk about the use of such therapy.

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