General Herpes Treatments

One question you could’ve asked yourself, particularly if you or somebody you love is diagnosed with herpes, “What is the cure?” Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for herpes. But there are general herpes treatments.

Also, there is no vaccine that people can take that will keep them from getting the virus. Although they have made a chicken pox vaccine (chicken pox belongs in the herpes family of viruses), and this is a great sign that in the future, there could be a vaccine for HSV-1 and HSV-2 as well.

Research Studies Continue to Look for Vaccines

Research is being done daily to attempt to advance technology for a herpes cure, but until then, treatments are available that can be very useful to numerous people.

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For several years, effective drug therapy for herpes infections was never available. Patients would need to wait until the virus’ physical manifestations cleared up by themselves and for a few people; this was an extremely uncomfortable or painful experience. Some individuals have harsh outbreaks or outbreaks that happen very frequently, and they can affect the normal routines of life as well as healthy functioning. It isn’t only bothersome physically, but there’s also a mental aspect that goes along with having the infection.

This lack of drug therapy and treatment meant that individuals with herpes just had to undergo through it. A lot of people people are asking themselves – “Can I live a normal life now that I have herpes?” They wonder if they’ll be able to marry, date, and have kids and other stuff.

Fortunately, with good treatment, you can still have a normal happy life and carry out all those things that people without the infection can do. However, if you know more about it, you’ll be able to carry out these things in a better way and do them effectively. So knowledge is so important.

Before, individuals had to undergo outbreaks regardless of how severe or frequent they were. That isn’t the case now as there are numerous medication options for somebody suffering from herpes. There are no less than three different medications accessible for individuals who undergo herpes infections.

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Medications for Herpes Treatment

They are Zovirax (acyclovir), Valtrex (valacyclovir), and Famvir (famciclovir). All these three medications are effective at treating people who suffer from herpes outbreaks. Usually, these drugs are recommended in active outbreaks and could not be administered for mild cases. Also, there are side effects to these medications, so normally it is the desire of patients to prevent outbreaks rather than becoming too dependent on treating it.

Also, there are long-term drug therapies available that function as suppressive therapy to prevent herpes outbreaks from recurring. These can be useful to individuals who undergo numerous outbreaks that they cannot seem to control via exercise, diet, as well as stress management. Suppressive therapy is thought to cut outbreaks by approximately 85% in several individuals. Also, there are a few topical medications accessible that can be useful during a herpes outbreak to inhibit secondary bacterial infections.

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