Extent of the Effects of STD Herpes Symptoms

The first STD herpes symptoms outbreak is generally the worst. The sores frequently begin to heal following about five days. In general, they disappear in one to three weeks. Occasionally they could last for as long as six weeks.

The virus stays in the body and could cause recurrences. Recurrent outbreaks of sores are likely to be less severe than the initial outbreak. The sores heal faster as well.

Taking Care of Myself once I have a Sores Outbreak

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• Follow the treatment prescribed and set by your physician.

• Take medicine prescribed by your physician. Utilize a disposable glove to apply medicine on your sores. This helps avoid passing on the infection to other body parts.

• Wipe genital area from front to back after utilizing the toilet.

• Wear loose clothing (preferably cotton) to enable air circulation and prevent pressure on your skin, which could result in more blisters.

• Avoid sex with others.

• Avoid using perfumed soaps, feminine hygiene deodorants, douches, sprays, or other compounds in your genital area. These products must never be utilized under any circumstance!

• Avoid too much heat and sunlight, which may result in more blisters.

Action to take to aid prevent infection with HSV

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HSV is sexually transmitted. Unluckily, most individuals who are herpes virus carriers don’t know they’re carriers. They do and can shed the virus with no sores. They’re contagious once they shed the virus, even with no sores. Any prospective sexual partner must be blood tested for the virus before intimate contact.

Intimate contact must be avoided with individuals with a herpes history or with individuals who have sores that are active. Oral sex must be avoided with individuals who have cold sores. Polyurethane or latex condoms may somewhat aid to decrease transmission.

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