The Early Signs of Genital Herpes

Like most STDs, genital herpes is easy to diagnose yet left ignored. This is due to the fact that people commonly think of it as a different medical condition that’s fairly common.

Herpes can present itself as a surprising outburst of sores and blisters (together with Malaise and fever) to completely nothing at all – each individual will have different levels of symptoms, some would have a mild and manageable symptoms while some may experience antagonizing pain from the blisters and cold sores.  

This is why one out of five persons in the United States are carriers without having any clue they have herpes.

Early signs of genital herpes

To make sure that you are not a carrier, you should always get checked from a physician – especially if you have an active sex life.

Here are the early signs and symptoms of having genital herpes:

Primary Infection Symptoms or First Attack

The term Primary Infection Symptoms (PIS) is a medical terminology used for people who experiences his/her first outbreak of genital herpes.

There is much significance on the first outbreak as it can be the core evidence on diagnosing a person positive for herpes.

The symptoms are typically intense than the next recurrences and should last about 20 days – depending on one’s immune system, it can probably be shorter or longer. The symptoms are as follows:

  • Blisters and ulcerations on the genitals of men and women – in rare cases, the blisters may occur inside the urethra
  • Discomfort and itch around your genitals and anal areas
  • Pain during urination
  • Headaches and backaches – in some cases, some will experience other aches aside from the latter
  • Malaise or flu-like symptoms – fever, swollen lymph nodes, and fatigue
  • Cold sores around the mouth – commonly near the lips


As known, genital herpes from the herpes simplex virus still has no cure. However, there are certain treatments with promising results that are used today to suppress the recurrence as much as possible.

It does not guarantee that there will not be any attacks in the future but will assure you that the chances will greatly decrease.

In the case that the person will experience another outbreak, it will not be severe and will not last longer than ten days – as opposed to PIS (Primary Infection Symptoms).

The symptoms:

  • Burning/tingling (may or may not be painful) before blisters will show
  • Blisters around the genitals – they may show on the cervix for woman – typically located at the external areas of the sexual organs, thighs, buttocks, and anus/rectum. These blisters are generally painful.
  • Cold sores around the mouth
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