An In-depth Look into Herpes Genitalia

We’ve already discussed herpes genitalia before on this site. We would like to share additional information in this post.

You must now be aware that both HSV-1 and HSV-2 can take place on the genitals, but that when somebody refers to genital herpes they typically mean the second type of the virus.

The Stigma Surrounding Herpes Genitalia

There’s a lot of a social stigma with genital herpes because of the fact that it’s an STD but in reality, there are so many individuals who have this virus. A few studies have revealed that 70% of the individuals with genital herpes contracted it from a partner that manifested no signs or symptoms of a herpes outbreak.

Out of those partners, a few might have believed they were safe and wouldn’t transmit the disease, but a bulk of them may not have even recognized that they had it.

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This misinformation regarding genital herpes is what initiated its fast spread among numerous people. Another reason is that people are not so confident when it comes to seeing the doctor or are scared to acknowledge that they may have contracted it and they never pursue the recommended treatment.

It’s important to understand that this kind disease is extremely common. Your physician is there to aid you and they’re not going to criticize you because of your condition. They perceive cases like yours each day and it isn’t a huge deal to them anymore.

Genital Herpes Does Not Go Away; Although It May Temporarily Stay Inactive For Some Time

After the first outbreak, many individuals might not have another outbreak or recurrences cannot be as serious or very common so individuals have a tendency to push their views of it aside and not seek diagnosis or treatment. The problem appears to go away by itself and they do not see any reason to pursue medical attention or assistance.

This is the wrong way to perceive it. Not only can you be transmitting herpes to other people, the infection also has the ability to stay dormant for months or even years, and then reappear at very difficult times if left untreated. For instance, during stressful times in your life or when you have a weak immune system, your herpes could reappear.

Just consider it for a bit:

  • What are a few stressful circumstances in life?
  • When are those times that your immune system may not be in its strongest state?
  • What if your infection returns just before your wedding day?
  • Or what if you’re a soldier just preparing to get deployed, a student set to graduate, or a person who lost family member?
  • Are you pregnant or considering on becoming pregnant?

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In these cases, you’ll have enough to handle besides a genital herpes outbreak, especially if you’ve never been diagnosed before. You’ll have to see the doctor, discuss everything, get examined, wait for the results, and get treatment.

  • It is much easier to just handle it when you initially suspect you may have the herpes virus or been exposed to it. Not just that, who likes to live in anxiety?
  • Do you truly want to keep wondering if this unusual thing you had was in fact herpes and wonder if it’s going to come back?
  • Do you want to live with the distress that you may be transmitting it to others?

It is much better to know for certain and you can take the safety measure to control your infection.

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