Creating Herpes Drugs that can get rid of the Virus Completely

While there is still no cure for herpes, herpes drugs have been developed throughout the years to treat the disease. But new research and systems are in place to look for that drug that will get rid of herpes completely.

Many of the antiviral drugs such as the famous Acyclovir are quite effective in preventing the virus from replicating, but they cannot get rid of the virus inside the body. So the mission of new researchers is to eliminate the virus inside the body.

New Potential Drugs Under Study

herpes cure
research on herpes cure are making promising results

The drug they studied exists already. And they found a lot of protein called LSD 1, which works at the earlier stages of the virus and turn genes on and off. By blocking the protein, the drug kept the virus latent.

Another potential drug was isolated from snake venom. The drug as applied to the tissue that was infected with the herpes virus and it was seen how the compound blocked virus replication and other encouraging results.

Herpes drugs blocks herpes virus replication
Herpes drugs blocks herpes virus replication

The Battle Against Herpes Continues

So yeah, that’s herpes. You could probably have it and still spread it while you’re still showing symptoms, there’s no cure, but there are decent treatment options. Well, viral STIs can’t be cured yet, but it can be prevented by proper sex education, practicing safe sex, and vaccines like HPV can prevent some.

The researchers say that even though currently a smaller percentage of women are vaccinated than what’s ideal, it might be cheaper to increase the percentage of boys vaccinated to work on increased coverage on the ladies.

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