Be Conscious of Herpes genitalis in your Romantic Life

You can still have a satisfying romantic life even if you have STD, particularly herpes genitalis, even if it could be harder than it was before your diagnosis. Now, you should be very careful about what to do as well as when to do it.

Between herpes outbreaks, it is okay to have sex, given that your partner accepts and understands the health risks. For instance, as long as you do not have sores on or around your mouth, then you can carry out kissing your partner.

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The Risks

However, there is a huge possibility that your partner will be infected with the virus even when sores or symptoms don’t occur. To prevent that from happening, constantly practice safe sexual intercourse. Contraceptives aren’t guaranteed to inhibit infection, but studies have revealed that they offer some protection.

You can use your imagination otherwise. There other ways that people can express themselves romantically without entailing constant sexual intercourse. Exploring these ways can improve couple’s sex life and can make up for avoiding other activities due to genital herpes. Talk to a health care expert if you have doubts about which is safe and not.

Moreover, never contact a sore or carelessly touch your partner, and ensure no bodily fluids are exchanged accidentally.

A Genital Herpes Drug Could Be Right for You

Herpes Drug

Also, you could consider taking an antiviral drug treatment for genital herpes to cut the amount of viral infection you shed. New research reveals that day-to-day suppressive therapy (such as taking a drug every day to reduce the occurrence of outbreaks sharply) could aid to keep your partner from getting the virus. (You must still utilize a condom, on the other hand, since suppressive therapy is only 50% effective in transmission prevention.)

Daily therapy is not the only option, or essentially the best thing for you. If the outbreaks are far between and few, you can have peace of mind by keeping a stock of antiviral medicine that you may take just in case a flare-up occurs. Ask your physician if you can benefit from taking pills for genital herpes.

Another concern could be that the sexual activity can cause skin irritation and trigger herpes outbreaks. If that is an issue for you, try using a water-based lubricant. AstroGlide and K-Y jelly are brands sold at numerous drugstores.

A Partner’s Reaction Knowing You Have Sexual Herpes

Genitale Herpes

Genitale Herpes: What to Do if Your Partner Has It