What Are The Most Common Treatment for Herpes Simplex?

The most commonly known treatment for herpes simplex is the use of certain drugs. These medications include Valacyclovir, Acyclovir, and Famciclovir. Although they can’t cure herpes, they can make living with it much easier for you. These drugs can aid in cutting the gravity of these herpes outbreaks.

Also, they can reduce the number of herpes outbreaks that take place and could perhaps stop them all together. But note that even if you don’t have outbreaks, you’re still not cured; the virus will stay dormant in the body. Moreover, it is still possible to transmit herpes to other people even while you’re on these medications.

Taking Precautionary Treatment for Herpes Simplex Outbreaks

During a herpes outbreak, it’s important to ensure that you’re taking all precautions to keep yourself from transmitting the virus. Firstly, you need to avoid having sex during an outbreak. Such activity would include the whole period of the herpes outbreak from the initial symptom until every sore is entirely healed. If during an outbreak, you have sex, then you’re exposing your partner to the virus. The same thing goes for oral herpes. You can transmit it from the initial sign of burning or tingling or appearance of cold sores around or on the mouth.

Aciclovir is a common treatment for herpes simplex

It’s very crucial to keep the outbreak area as dry and clean as possible. This may prove to be a lot tougher than many people think and you must not touch the sores or blisters while washing the area. However, taking these precautions can aid the process of healing and cut the length the outbreak period. Ensure that you wash and soap your hands carefully with warm water in order to avoid transmitting the virus to other parts of the body.

Many individuals have also discovered that utilizing a combination of herbs can lessen the number of outbreaks that they have to undergo. Also, these herbs seem to lessen the gravity of the herpes outbreaks that do take place. On the other hand, anybody who has herpes must first see their physician to talk about all forms of treatment available.

Natural Treatment for Herpes Simplex

Mortar and pestle with fresh herbs and essential oil bottle
Mortar and pestle with fresh herbs and essential oil bottle

As we’ve already mentioned, there are certain things you can do to aid in the treatment of your herpes in a more natural way and prevent herpes outbreaks from taking place without taking prescribed medications. Moreover, there are a few people who utilize prescription medications but discover that even that isn’t enough to inhibit their outbreaks, and they could decide to give other methods a try too.

If you:

1. Eat healthy
2. Prepare your diet depending on the foods that affect your herpes
3. Exercise regularly
4. Take vitamins or herbs that help regulate your immune system
5. Learn to manage and reduce stress in life
6. Take steps to form a stronger and healthier immune system

You can have a healthier life; treat your herpes in a more natural manner. You’ll have fewer if any, outbreaks and you’ll feel much better.

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