What Causes the Recurrences in Herpes Genitalis?

If you happen to be inside a public area, chances are the person sitting beside you has herpes. At least that’s what the statistics seem to imply. But don’t worry. We can’t tell who’s who because herpes genitalis is a ninja.

Just when you thought the outbreaks are gone, you will be surprised to see the symptoms come back again at a later time. So what triggers these recurrences?

Herpes genitalis is a ninja
Herpes genitalis is a ninja

Triggers of Recurrences

Triggers include being stressed, tired or run down, but there’s limited evidence regarding this. Friction from masturbation, sex, tight underwear or clothing could trigger an episode as well. UV light exposure could trigger a cold sore recurrence.

Do I need any Tests?

Certainly, a swab from a sore or blister is required to diagnose. Frequently, these examinations are extremely accurate, and results must take less than two weeks. Perhaps, this examination could tell you with genital herpes type you have enabling your physician to provide you with more accurate info on the virus’ type.

Test yourself for herpes simplex 2 infection
Test yourself for herpes simplex 2 infection

If symptoms do not occur, then it’s frequently not possible to examine you for herpes. This is due to the inaccuracy of the available blood test, and the result couldn’t reflect whether or not you acquired the infection.

If you believe you have the symptoms that may be herpes, or concerned about other infections, then you must visit your family physician, local sexual health clinic or dermatology/venereology center.

If you have the infection, you must also be examined for other STIs like HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia and, syphilis because you can have numerous infection at the same time.

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