The Basics of Hepres During Pregnancy: Mother-to-Baby Transmission

Another question that a lot of people are asking has something to do with whether or not they can have kids after being diagnosed with herpes. Men with herpes can’t pass the infection down to their kids through genes. However, they do have to be cautious not to pass pregnancy herpes on to their pregnant wives.

Women with herpes won’t pass it down to their child via genes either. On the other hand, there are a few ways a mother can spread it to her child, but there are also several ways to prevent the transmission.

The herpes virus can be passed from mother to child. On the other hand, it is critical that you know how this transmission takes place so that it can be prevented every time you find yourself in this kind of situation.

herpes pregnancy

Herpes does not spread to a baby via the blood such as how several other diseases can. Congenital herpes occurs when the mother currently has an outbreak during the baby’s delivery.

Pregnancy herpes can be extremely devastating and fatal in a baby, but it is preventable.

A pregnant woman with herpes should regularly be examined during her pregnancy and before the delivery of her child. If the herpes virus isn’t active once labor commences, a common vaginal delivery is typically possible. But, if an outbreak takes place, the baby will need to be delivered through c-section to prevent the baby from getting the virus.

If you’re pregnant and believe you have been exposed to herpes or have herpes, inform your doctor as soon as possible. If you’re already aware that you have the infection, and you are planning to become pregnant, then you must discuss the matter with your physician so you can opt for prevention treatments as early as possible and have yourself checked during your pregnancy.

herpes pregnancy

The problem that a lot of women don’t realize is that they could have an outbreak at the cervical or other genital areas that you cannot see but can affect the baby. It is never a plausible idea to assume that you’re fine and free of the outbreak. It is ideal to inform your doctor and get checked throughout the pregnancy.

Can A Mother Pass Pregnancy Herpes to Her Baby Via Her Blood?

This is a widespread question as several conditions and diseases can be transmitted in this way. Herpes, on the other hand, lies within the nerves and can merely be transmitted to an infant if the baby comes in contact with an open blister or sore. For that reason, the infant is safe if the mother doesn’t have active outbreak throughout a vaginal delivery or if she gives birth via C-section.

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