Alternative Herpes Treatment: What Makes Up A Healthy Herpes Diet?

A healthy diet for somebody with herpes would be high in fiber food along with fruits and vegetables. Fish, turkey, whole grains and chicken are a healthy diet when you’re between outbreaks. These foods can serve as a good alternative herpes treatment.

Moreover, it can aid to slow down how their recurrences. It’s essential for anybody with herpes to drink lots of water, but it’s especially imperative for somebody with herpes to drink enough water every day. Also, you must avoid sugar, alcohol and coffee as these can intensify your outbreaks.

Good foods include:

• Chicken
• Fish
• Whole grains
• Lots of water
• Turkey

balanced diet

Things to reduce or avoid:

• Alcohol
• Coffee
• Sugar

Along with all of this, you need to take note of general nutrition and health advice. You need to keep the body in shape, at a recommended weight range – not under or over the ideal weight range. You need to consume a balanced diet of food from the various food groups daily and be certain that you do not skip breakfast and other meals. Try cutting the processed foods and fast food you’re eating in. Fresher items are better all the time.

Following the same rudimentary nutrition and diet guidelines that everybody must follow makes you a healthier individual and forms a stronger immune system that’s better able to combat the herpes virus.

What foods are great for you?

Is there any type of foods particularly good for those who are infected with herpes? Lysine has been demonstrated to reduce the growth of arginine; a nutrient that intensifies herpes outbreaks. For that reason, any foods that contain lysine will be the ones that are good for you. Such foods include stuff like cold water fish, vegetables, and sprouts. Furthermore, dairy products like egg yolks, cheese, milk, and butter contain lysine. Cod liver oil and potatoes are good foods for you as well if you have herpes.

There are numerous ways to consume foods that are good for you and still make them delicious. These foods aren’t only great for your infection, but they’re better for your overall health. This means that you can prepare meals that are good for the whole family. Also, there are loads of books and websites out there that provide recipes, cooking advice, and more for individuals with herpes.

What foods aren’t good for you?


A few of the awful foods that you can consume if you have the herpes virus are nuts, oats, soya beans, chocolate, and coconuts.

These foods are arginine-rich and may intensify your outbreaks. When you’re suffering from a herpes outbreak, it can also be helpful for you not to consume foods such as citrus fruits and tomatoes.

Products that contain vinegar must not be consumed if you have herpes. Animal products and processed foods are very bad for you as well.

You must avoid drinking products containing caffeine like coffee and sodas as much as possible.

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